CRISP facilitates seminars and trainings dealing with conflict transformation and political participation.

We contribute to peaceful conflict resolution with our work in post-war areas. That is why we support critical democratic forces, which initiate, support and encourage a peaceful conflict transformation in society. In this process, our guiding principle is to adjust our projects to local needs.

Our activities are targeting mainly young civil society activists interested in experience-based learning. With the use of simulation games enriched by role-play elements CRISP aims for a self-organizing, holistic, and highly hands-on learning culture. This website is thought to be a place for information about our work and ideas as well as a gateway for collaboration. Feel free to contact us.

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Invited by Transparency International we went to Tunis in order to facilitate the simulation game Bribania (Fasadistan in Arabic) together with 50 persons from all over the MENA region. More
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The Social Leader Forum 2014 for the Caucasus and Turkey has started at Bazaleti in Georgia from 24th to 29th April! More
at the BMW foundation in Berlin, March 13-15, 2014 More
From November 22nd to 27th the final meeting of this year's Social Leader Forum took place in Turkey More